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David Evans, Apr 01, 2005

Dear Colleagues, We invite you to join a dialogue about competition policy. The conversation that we will have through these pages will be about the past, present and future of antitrust. It will use the increasingly global languages of legal and economic analysis. And we hope it will be carried on by academics with an interest in antitrust, members of government who design or carry out the competition laws, the jurists that make and apply the laws, and the lawyers and economists who work on competition policy matters. Our editorial team spans diverse fields. Their common interest is their commitment to antitrust scholarship and their desire to help advance it. We thank them for their efforts and we hope you will too.


Competition Policy International will be published twice a year in the Spring and Autumn. We will evolve. For now we distinguish ourselves in two ways. First, we will organize the issues thematically as we have in this issue and we will solicit readers’ contributions. Although we do not plan to publish unsolicited manuscripts regularly, we encourage readers with an idea for an article, or those who would like to assist us in organizing a collection of articles on a particular topic, to contact us. Second, we plan to republish one or two classic articles on antitrust in each issue. These pieces offer wisdom and insights that are still applicable today. The inclusion of these articles helps to refresh our memories of semin…


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