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Dear Readers,

As part of our summer editions of the CPI Antitrust Chronicle, the August 2019 Antipasto Chronicle features articles from members of the CPI Editorial Advisory Board.

This compilation of articles covers a variety of jurisdictions and antitrust topics including EU competition issues in the digital era, prescription drug pricing, NCAA student-athlete compensation cases, non-horizontal mergers in China, antitrust whistleblower protection, and investigations & mergers in digital markets from a developing world’s viewpoint, among others.

We are pleased to kick off this CPI Antitrust Antipasto edition with a CPI Talks… interview with Commissioner Christine Wilson of the Federal Trade Commission.

Looking down the road, the October Chronicle will feature articles from speakers at the 14th CRESSE Conference recently held in Rhodes, Greece. CPI had the opportunity to participate at the conference which featured keynote addresses by Robert Porter, Richard Gilbert, Fiona Scott Morton, and William Kovacic.

Lastly, please take the opportunity to visit the CPI website and listen to our selection of Chronicle articles in audio form from such esteemed authors as Maureen Ohlhausen, Herbert Hovenkamp, Richard Gilbert, Nicholas Banasevic, Randal Picker, Giorgio Monti, Alison Jones, and Dennis Carlton among others. This is a convenient way for our readers to keep up with our recent and past articles on the go, in the gym, or at the beach.

As always, thank you to our great panel of authors.


CPI Team

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