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The October 2019 CPI Antitrust Chronicle includes articles based on presentations from Special Policy Sessions (“SPS”) and invited lectures of the 14th Annual CRESSE Conference organized on July 5-7 in Rhodes, Greece.

CRESSE (, is an international network of academics and other professionals, with an interest in Competition Policy and Sectoral Regulation. Every year CRESSE organizes an international conference in Greece that is now widely recognized as one of the top academic conferences in the economics of competition policy and regulation worldwide. For the 2019 Conference, Keynote Speakers included Robert Porter, Richard Gilbert, and William Kovacic. An important feature of the annual CRESSE Conference is the organization of a number of SPS in which important topical issues of competition policy are discussed between academics (economists and lawyers), policy makers, corporate representatives, and practitioners.

The 15th Annual CRESSE Conference will take place on June 26-28, 2020 in Crete, Greece and will feature Keynote Speakers Jean Tirole, Volker Nocke, and Einer Elhauge. We look forward to another great conference. CRESSE and CPI will collaborate in providing awards to:

  • The 3 best papers by young researchers (selection will be undertaken by the Scientific Committee of CRESSE)
  • The most-read 2019 “CRESSE Insights” CPI Antitrust Chronicle 2019

Winners will be announced during the final dinner at the CRESSE Conference on June 28, 2020.

The contributions here include articles by a number of prominent economists and legal experts from a variety of jurisdictions including the EU, U.S., Canada, India, Brazil, and Russia.

Thank you to all the participants at the 14th Annual CRESSE Conference and to this distinguished group of authors.

Yannis Katsoulacos
CRESSE & Athens University of Economics and Business

CRESSE & CPI Awards 2020