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From Inside the Agencies

Ernesto Estrada Gonzalez, Apr 03, 2008

Competition Policy in Mexico

The CFC faces significant challenges from cartel activity, prevailing regulatory restrictions on competition, and exclusionary practices undertaken by some of the most powerful corporations in Mexico.

Margorzata Krasnodebska-Tomkiel, Aug 26, 2008

Competition Policy in Poland

Poland created a post-communist competition law system in 1990. The system is based on a public enforcement agency named the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection, which is part of a governmental administration. The President heads the OCCP and is the sole decision maker with regards to restrictive practices and undertakings concentrations in Poland. According to the law, the OCCP’s President is appointed by Poland’s Prime Minister. Competition decisions adopted by the OCCP can be appealed to the specialized civil court named the Court for Competition and Consumer Protection.

Carlos Pascual Pons, Jul 10, 2008

The New Spanish Competition System

The new Spanish Competition Act, which was unanimously approved by the Spanish Parliament and came into force on the first of September 2007, introduces significant modifications to the system applied to date. This Act builds on the system designed by the 1989 Act, largely drawing on the experience gained at the Community and national level during the last two decades.

Simon Roberts, Apr 23, 2008

South African Competiti


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