Chair’s Report: 2012-2013 ICN Accomplishments

Eduardo Perez-Motta, Sep 09, 2013

CPI ICN Column edited by Maria Coppola (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)

Chair’s Report: 2012-2013 ICN AccomplishmentsEduardo Pérez Motta (President, Mexican Federal Competition Commission and Chair, International Competition Network, 2012-2013)


In April 2012 I became Chair of the International Competition Network and articulated three areas on which I intended to place particular emphasis during my time as chair: member engagement, assistance to members, and increasing the visibility of competition policy. This month, I hand over leadership of the ICN to Mr. Andreas Mundt, President of the German Bundeskartellamt. As I do so, I thought it would be useful to review progress on the three areas I outlined in my vision statement.1

Member Engagement

The ICN provides a platform for competition agency staff and heads to get to know one another and collaborate on common issues. To give an idea of the scale, almost 100 member agencies attended an in-person ICN meeting over the past year. Seventy member agencies and over 100 non-governmental advisors actively contributed to the reports, guidance, and other work developed over 2012-2013.

The ICN’s enormous success in attracting new members engenders the challenges of meaningfully engaging all of its members – both to encourage participation as well as to ensure that the work we are doing is appropriate for their needs.

Vice Chairs Lasserre and Mundt have devoted considerable time a


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