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A Colloquy on Tying

Barry Nalebuff, Apr 01, 2005

Tied and True Exclusion: Comment on Jean Tirole’s “The Analysis of Tying Cases”

The takeaway point of Tirole’s excellent primer is that tying, while potentially exclusionary, does not deserve special treatment. This commentary offers two reasons why tying should be accorded special treatment.

Jean Tirole, Apr 01, 2005

The Analysis of Tying Cases: A Primer

This primer analyzes factors that make ties more likely either to hurt or to benefit consumers. It first identifies factors that influence where the impact of tying on competition in the tied market stands, ranging from little impact on the rivals ability to compete to total exclusion of competitors. Then, after reviewing anticompetitive and efficiency-enhancing motives for tying, it argues that tying should be submitted to a rule of reason standard.

Dennis Carlton, Michael Waldman, Apr 01, 2005

How Economics Can Improve Antitrust Doctrine towards Tie-In Sales: Comment on Jean Tirole’s “The Analysis of Tying Cases”

Tirole has written an excellent primer focused on what is known about tying and what he believes is desirable antitrust policy concerning the practice. Although the authors agree with most of Tirole’s arguments, there are two topics for which our perspective is somewhat different.

About the Journal

David Evans, Apr 01, 2005

About the Journal

Introduction by the editor-in-chief to the inaugural issue of Competition Policy Inte


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