CPI 1(2)

Judicial Review of Antitrust Cases

Bo Vesterdorf, Sep 01, 2005

Judicial Review in EC Competition Law: Reflections on the Role of the Community Courts in the EC System of Competition Law Enforcement

This paper sets out personal reflections on the role of the judiciary within a primarily administrative system of enforcement of the competition laws.

Valentine Korah, Sep 01, 2005

Judicial Review in EC and U.S. Antitrust Law

The first two articles of this issue are based on presentations for the inaugural edition of the University College London Antitrust Forum held on March 3, 2005.

Leah Brannon, Douglas Ginsburg, Sep 01, 2005

Determinants of Private Antitrust Enforcement in the United States

This paper offers a historical overview of private antitrust enforcement in the United States and an explanation of why private case filings have increased and decreased over the years.

From the Editor

Richard Schmalensee, Sep 01, 2005

From the Editor: Autumn 2005

The second issue of Competition Policy International begins with articles by two distinguished jurists representing both sides of the Atlantic.

A Colloquy on Vertical Restrictions

James Cooper, Luke Froeb, Daniel O’Brien, Michael Vita, Sep 01, 2005

Vertical Restrictions and Antitrust Policy: What About the Evidence?

Until theory can be used to determine how likely it is that a restraint will lead to an anticompetitive outcome, decision makers will be left with a considerable amount of uncertainty.



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