CPI 2(2)

State Efforts to Assist Competitors

Maureen Ohlhausen, Nov 01, 2006

Identifying, Challenging, and Assigning Political Responsibility for State Regulation Restricting Competition

This paper examines the role of competition advocacy in combating anticompetitive state regulation. Looking at the constraints facing competition officials such as the state action doctrine, the analysis suggests potential avenues for surmounting these constraints.

Frederic Jenny, Nov 01, 2006

The State Aid Action Plan: A Bold Move or a Timid Step in the Right Direction?

This paper analyzes the responses to the European Commission´s consultation document on State aid, presents the main areas of dissatisfaction, and the extent to which answers to the expressed dissatisfaction can be found in the State Aid Action Plan or the comments of Philip Lowe. The paper then explores the pros and cons of a decentralization of EC State aid policy.

Philip Lowe, Nov 01, 2006

Some Reflections on the European Commission´s State Aid Policy

This article first sets out the main economic and legal requirements for a competition enforcement system to be effective, as well as the main building blocks upon which the effectiveness of any such system depends.

Mathias Dewatripont, Nov 01, 2006

The Economics of State Aid Control: Some Remarks

This short comment discusses the rationale for State aid control at the level of the European Community and then turns to the State Aid Action Plan and its applicatio


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