In our Autumn 2013 Journal, we present a Symposium on Antitrust and Intellectual Property, explore Current Cases in Anglo/Lafarge and feature this edition’s Classic, Appropriating the Returns from INdustrial Research and Development. Click here to order a physical copy of our Autumn 2013 Journal.

Letter from the Editor

Dec 20, 2013

Letter from the Editor – Fall 2013

The CPI Autumn 2013 issue features contributions with a divergence of views (David S. Evans, Antonio Bavasso)

A Symposium on Antitrust and IP

Sir Robin Jacob, Dec 20, 2013

Competition Authorities Support Grasshoppers: Competition Law as a Threat to Innovation

The danger to innovation is all too obvious for those who can see: it pays to be a grasshopper rather than an ant better to be a copyist than an innovator. Sir Robin Jacob (University of College London)

Tim Wu, Dec 20, 2013

Intellectual Property Experimentalism By Way Of Competition Law

Competition law and Intellectual Property have divergent intellectual cultures the former more pragmatic and experimentalist; the latter influenced by natural law and vested rights. Tim Wu (US Federal Trade Commission)

Douglas Ginsburg, Joshua Wright, Dec 20, 2013

Whither Symmetry? Antitrust Analysis of Intellectual Property Rights at the FTC and DOJ

In modern antitrust law, intellectual property rights (IPRs) are treated like all other forms of property. Joshua D. Wright (US Federal Trade Commission) & Dougla


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