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The focus of much of this issue concerns digital media and communications, but first we introduce CPI’s new publishing technology with two audio interviews with leading competition authorities. Then we look at the interplay among online communications platforms, consumer privacy, and consumer protection. We examine what import a price of zero has for antitrust, ask “Is the Web Dead,” provide an analytical history of search engines, and take a retrospective look at Baidu. On a different track, we investigate interchange fees, how to analyze mergers in innovation markets, survey aftermarkets, and answer “Is antitrust enforcement irrelevant?” The Classic is the Jeff Rohlfs’ 1974 article that modernized network effects analysis and, as Richard Schmalensee describes in his introduction, provided an prescient model of Facebook.

Letter From the Editor

David Evans, May 20, 2011

Letter From the Editor-Spring 2011

Fitting with this adventure into new media the substantive focus of much of this issue concerns digital media and communications. David Evans (CPI)

Interviews with Antitrust Leaders

Joaquin Almunia, David Evans, Jon Leibowitz, May 19, 2011

Conversations with Jon Leibowitz and Joaquin Almunia

Competition authority leaders are assuming increasing responsibilities and wearing many hats”not only as regulators but also as advocates of markets.

Media and Communications

Julie Brill, May 20, 2


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