In this issue, CPI examines the intersection of antitrust and financial regulation.

Letter from the Editor

David Evans, Dec 22, 2011

Letter from the Editor – Fall 2011

What is antitrust’s role in financial regulation after the financial crisis? (David S. Evans)

Antitrust, State Aid, and Financial Regulation

Gert-Jan Koopman, Dec 22, 2011

Stability and Competition in EU Banking During the Financial Crisis: The Role of State Aid Control

The European Commission’s State Aid policy protects competition and financial stability in Member States. Gert-Jan Koopman (European Commission)

Abel Mateus, Dec 22, 2011

Banking Regulatory Reform: Too Big to Fail and What Still Needs to be Done

The Vickers Commission needs to account for shadow banking and governance issues before it can promise complete reform. Abel M. Mateus (New University of Lisbon, University College London)

Todd Fishman, Olivier Frget, David Gabathuler, Dec 22, 2011

U.S. and EU Antitrust Enforcement: What Role in a More Heavily Regulated Financial Sector?

The new financial regulations in the United States and European Union could constrain the enforcement of competition policy. Todd Fishman, Olivier Fréget & David Gabathuler (Allen & Overy)

Payment Systems

Ronald Mann, Dec 22, 2011

Anticompetitive Regulation in the Payment Card Industry

The Credit CARD Act and the Durbin Amendment in the Dodd-Frank Act, despite their p


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