CPI Talks… with Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser

In this month’s edition of CPI Talks… we have the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Phil Weiser, Attorney General for the State of Colorado, Hatfield Professor of Law and Telecommunications, former Executive Director and Founder of the Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, and Dean Emeritus at the University of Colorado Law School.

Thank you, Mr. Weiser, for sharing your time for this interview with CPI.

  1. Colorado, along with 46 other States and territories has initiated an investigation of Facebook for potential antitrust violations, and has joined 50 States and territories in an investigation into Google. In parallel, the FTC has launched its own investigations into Facebook’s and Amazon’s practices, while the DOJ is stepping up its investigation into Google. As you recently noted in the merger context, “[t]he states are independent enforcers of the antitrust laws. It’s up [to] the courts, not a federal agency to decide the lawfulness of a merger.” Is there need for better coordination between individual States and the agencies in this regard?

A strength of the American model of governance is our Federalism. Under this model, States have independent authority and the responsibility to enforce the antitrust laws. This dynamic is also the situation in the international arena, where there is a need for coordination and harmonization. With respect to state-federal coordination, the general rule is that we work very well together


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