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Antitrust in Times of Economic Crisis: A Global Perspective

George Addy, Anita Banicevic, Mark Katz, Dec 15, 2008

Antitrust Legislation and Policy in a Global Economic Crisis—A Canadian Perspective

To date, the approach of antitrust agencies has been anything but uniform. In Canada, the Competition Bureau has been silent on its views of the role of antitrust law and policy in the current crisis.

Daniel Crane, Dec 15, 2008

Antitrust Enforcement During National Crises: An Unhappy History

In this essay, I have the gloomy task of mapping the failure of competition policy during periods of crisis. For purposes of the historical narrative, I conflate war and financial crisis. The strong tendency toward abandonment of competition principles arises in both circumstances. I will argue, however, that not all crises are created equal when it comes to the suspension of antitrust.

Albert A. Foer, Dec 15, 2008

Preserving Competition After the Banking Meltdown

This essay offers some thoughts on the implications of the sea change in the U.S. financial industry in terms of domestic and international competition and the transformed role of domestic and international regulation.

Damien Gerard, Dec 15, 2008

Managing the Financial Crisis in Europe: Why Competition Law is Part of the Solution, Not of the Problem

This paper describes three factors that contributed to shaping the role played so far by the Commission in its capacity as the major ant


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