ICN Training on Demand: the world’s competition law experts are just a click away.

ICN Training on Demand: the world’s competition law experts are just a click away. – By Kristina Mulligan (US Federal Trade Commission)1

Launched in 2011, the International Competition Network’s Training on Demand project (ITOD) sought to meet the need for accessible training materials that competition agencies can use to build their expertise and technical skills.  A host of esteemed agency officials, academics, and practitioners volunteered to share their experience and their wisdom on camera.  Now seven years on, the ICN has developed a comprehensive set of video training modules and related online materials available around the globe at the click of a mouse.

Available on the ICN website, the ITOD project serves as an online educational center for everyone – agency officials, academics and students, practitioners, the business community, and the general public.  ICN member agencies are making use of project materials in exciting ways, including training new personnel, explaining competition law to stakeholders, and educating the media.

There are 24 modules covering practical skills and substantive areas of competition law enforcement and policy.  The modules use short lectures, discussions, and dramatized vignettes to convey content.  Many involve a hypothetical case study or studies.  Some have background materials or suggestions for additional reading.  The content may be viewed on the ICN’s website, or the modules may be downloaded for later view…


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