Ireland: COVID-19 Temporary Merger Notification Process:

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) is aware that this is a particularly challenging time for all citizens and businesses in the State. In line with Government recommendations and in the interests of ensuring business continuity in the review of notified mergers and acquisitions, the CCPC has put in place a process of delivering operations largely by remote working.  The CCPC is required to comply with binding statutory deadlines when reviewing notified mergers and acquisitions.  We set out below some steps that businesses can take to assist the CCPC in carrying out its merger review functions.

Delay notifications

The review of mergers involves the CCPC collecting and assessing information from various parties including, but not limited to, customers, competitors, and suppliers. The effective collection of this information is likely to be very difficult over the coming weeks due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

As we work together through these difficult times, the CCPC is encouraging notifying parties where possible to delay filing planned merger notifications until further notice.

Digital notifications – Where it is not possible to delay notifications

Notifying parties should be aware that although filing of hard copy notifications to the CCPC premises remains possible, it may become increasingly difficult due to a reduced presence of staff at the CCPC premises.