Letter from the Editor – Autumn 2014

This issue completes the tenth year of Competition Policy International. During this time the CPI Journal has published 303 articles and our companion publication, CPI’s Antitrust Chronicle, has published another 1,138. Taken together, CPI’s complete works demonstrate—perhaps more effectively than anywhere else—the vibrancy, diversity, and increasing importance that antitrust issues have assumed in global legal, political, scholarly, and cultural arenas.

We owe some of our success to our decision, when we started in 2004, to take a different approach than most journals at the time. We encouraged authors—economists and lawyers alike—to write in clear English and to avoid the footnote-per-sentence model of American law reviews. That has helped our authors win numerous awards given to American lawyers for legal writing, among them the Antitrust Writing Awards and the Burton Awards. What we’ve lost in density we hopefully have more than made up for in clarity.

We also decided to take a different tact on finding good articles. Rather than the typical model where editors and referees pore over submissions to find the gems among the dross we chose to commission authors we have confidence in to write about topics that readers would care about. We first select topics and then seek writers.

And of course, as our title suggests, our approach is global, reflecting how antitrust has flourished around the world over the last 10 years. More countries now have competition la…


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