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COVID Advisories from the Competition Commission of India

By Dr. Geeta Gouri ((Former) Commissioner, Competition Commission of India)1   Unusual times require unusual measures. The lockdown of the entire country by the Government of...

Canadian Watchdog Publishes Yearly Plan, Focusing On Pandemic Protections

The Competition Bureau of Canada has published its Annual Plan 2020-2021. The Plan outlines the steps the Bureau will take in the coming year...
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Philippine Regulator Says Pandemic Risks “Distorting” Market Competition

The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) announced on Thursday, May 28,  the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for policies that protect small businesses. Anti-competitive behaviors during...

 6 US House Republicans Oppose Pandemic Merger Moratorium

Six Republicans on the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee wrote a letter to antitrust enforcers on Wednesday, May 13, to disagree with proposals...