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Europe’s New Google Probe Zeroes In On YouTube

Europe recently announced its fourth big investigation into Google, and this time video-sharing site YouTube seems to be getting some special attention. According to...
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YouTube Rival Rumble Sues Google

Rumble, a video sharing app popular with conservatives. has accused Google of "unfairly rigging its search algorithm" to favor YouTube's videos in search results,...

YouTube Explores Selling Products To Take On Amazon

According to Bloomberg, Google has plans that YouTube will become the new ecommerce market and will start selling products through video creators, placing a...
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US: YouTube pay $170M to settle child privacy claims

YouTube and its parent company Google have agreed to pay US$170 million to US regulators after being accused of violating children’s privacy. The Federal Trade...

US: FTC reportedly investigating YouTube over children’s privacy

YouTube may have a particularly strong incentive to change how it handles kids' videos,  it appears to be under government scrutiny for its behavior....